Sacred Thirds

Many of the Rhyme messages I have received over the years speak of the Sacred Thirds, and the Final Third.   I have never got clarification as to what exactly they were, but I do have a sense of what they may be.  I think perhaps it pertains to ages of man.  The first being when sin reigned from Adam to Moses, when there was no laws set forth by GOD.  Then laws were given thru Moses so that man had those to live by and remain out of sin.  Then Jesus came and removed sin and wiped slate clean and showed the Way to GOD.  This last third Satan has reigned free to wreak havoc.  Now these are ending and the end of times will begin.

Now this is only my sense of the meaning.  The messages said in 2011 at Christmas that the final third was beginning so is the end of times the final third?  This I do know…only GOD knows the time of the beginning of the end.  It is very soon tho…..

If anyone tells you they know then they do not lol.  If I am told I will probably not be allowed to share that info.

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Sodom and Gomorah

The story of Sodom and Gomorah is a well known one in the religions of the world and amongst those not religious as well.  It is however a little more in-depth of meaning than what is on the surface.  Whether ya believe it actually happened or not it is still an important lesson.

Firstly, it is on the surface a warning to sinners and wickedness to flee and repent or suffer destruction.  Very poignant today, especially here in Vegas, which by the way is going to be among the cities that perish.

Secondly, it is about leaving the past behind.  When we keep focused on the past, letting it hold so much of our outer and inner attention, we become literally pillars of stone.  We are then unable to grow and move forward.  The Lord is telling us to not do so, but to leave the past in the past and look forward.  This is for all those burdens we carry that we gathered up in life, material, emotional, physical, psychological.

Thirdly, along the same lines, it is about keeping focused on Him.  When He says whoever puts their hands to the plow and looks back is not fit to follow Me.  Again, we become a pillar of stone and can not move forward and learn, grow in the Light, in understanding of His wisdom and knowledge.

This is very important, and is the reason soooooooo many have been stuck in the mists, in between Heaven and life.  Brothers and sisters, it is soooooooooo important that you let go the past and all its negatives and focus on the present, worry not for the future but put your trust in the lord for what lay ahead.  The time is now, not some far off fairy tale future.




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Soul number 184-185

While driving to Oregon we were on last leg of journey returning her home when Tina got name of Mama May who we thought must be the Mizz M who along with others had told her that they were watching over us.  Minutes later I got a new sensation like a Bingo machine rolling around inside my head.  Then a name popped out of it Andreas.  This was followed by “was here” and “lived amongst the trees”.  I naturally assumed it was in area we were driving full of trees and a river which he said to Tina that he had drowned to death so not sure if it was that river or not.  Mama May had appeared to Tina standing on a river dock as we drove over the Rogue River sooo…..

Tina then got age 57 and last name of Strauss like the composer but he pronounced it with accent finding out thru chat that he was from Austria and had come here to live and was living with a lady named April and her kids tho not his kids.  He was concerned for them as he suddenly had passed and they did not know what happened to him.  This was in response to my asking if she had passed with him.

I explained who we were and the process for passing to the Light.  I told him he could help her better once in the Light.  Then we got the name Viktor, his father.  I sent Angelicamarie to find him and bring him forward to the doorway.  Soon after he was brought forward with a woman, Andreas’ mother.  Upon seeing her close by Andreas let go of his hold on this world easily and they embraced with such joy.  They sent us immense gratitude. It was our honor to do so.   I feel either we were guided to that area at that exact times or vice versa.  Praise Jesus!

As per my part of this,  I was shown images of this lady and her two kids at their home and like from how he was watching over them now ,  he showed me that she had became his friend and like he lived in a trailer at their place. But  the best part was the overwhelming love his mother had for him, she said, she had waited 80 years to see her one and only son again!!!   there was so so much joy and love to behold her son,  I can not even begin to tell you,  I was so filled with her love and I could only cry as I was driving seeing them embrace and hold each other,  I could feel the love that I have for my son and what It must of been like for her.  It was an Honor to help them.   Happy they all walked back into the Light together.


ON the 12th of January I was walking dogs and My daughter’s spirit came to me and she said that they were here.  I of course knew she meant spirits. I got the names May and Monica simultaneously.  I realized May was probably Mama May.  I told her to have them wait and to try and focus on communication with me or Tina in Oregon.  I let Tina know to be aware.  Once inside I sensed others nearby but not in condo.  I proceeded to explain to them who I was and the procedure for crossing over and what they needed to do.  I was directed to do so in a recent Rhyme message.  I was getting age 47 and Pennsylvania but not sure as I am not strong in that aspect of the gift right now.  So I just went thru what I know explaining all to whomever was listening then went about my business after saying necessary prayers rebuking and banishing.  Not long after I got from my Daughter that Monica was ready to go so i said the Our Father and sent her on her way.


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When Will You Believe

When will you believe ?

How many times must I show you that I exist  ?

How many people does it take to convince you ?

Are not the testimonies enough ?

Why do you still doubt ?

Are not my signs and wonders reaching you ?

Open your Hearts and Minds !!

UN-harden  your hearts !! Let me in !!

For  the  “I AM ” still stands here knocking , calling to you !

I show you each day through other people that I am Alive

Again they are my witnesses I send to you

But you refuse to listen or see ,  OPEN YOUR EYES AND EARS !

Hear my Calls      Listen  when they come to you

O Children of Mine ,   Hear my Calls !    You only need to Believe !



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Who Among You Will Care

Who among you will take up the cross and follow me ?

Whom among these will truly care ?

Who will take on My Heart for the lost and lonely ?

Whom among you will truly care : and go out to these ones?

Who among you will lay down their riches of the world in order to help their fellow man ?

Whom among these will follow me into the trenches of this world in order to help reach my Lost Sheep ?

Who among you will truly care ?  Again I call to thee….

Whom among you will take on My Heart, My Love, and give it to all these lost souls ……?

Time is short …Time is near !  Time is now to Care !!!

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1 KINGS 13:3

This is the sign the Lord has declared:  The altar will be split apart and the ashes on it will be poured out…….

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Soul #182

Well last night I was made aware, by my daughter’s spirit, of some more souls that were curious about going to the Light.  I received the name Allen and Marcus.  Tina received the name Gary.  I called them forth to communicate with us but only one came forth, Marcus.   Marcus it seems had caused the death of a girlfriend and her unborn child.  He had then committed suicide due to the remorse.  He now was stuck in the mists        having been seeking her to beg forgiveness.  I sent my daughter’s spirit, Angelicamarie to find her and she returned shortly after with her, a female by the name of Karen.  Karen was extremelyyyyy  angry and hateful of Marcus, understandable.  However, as I explained to him before she arrived, what happened in life is past and like all things from this life must be left behind.  GOD forgave all they had done and in turn needed to forgive self and others as well to be able to enter the Light. To shed alllll burdens and invite Jesus into their hearts.  I also sent my dau to find the child lost, who would be grown to maturity by this time.   She returned later with Dominic(k).  He was unable to help his mother let go.  I rebuked and banished all darkness, read the Psalms needed and called for spiritual help from any and all. Angels came and tried yet she would not let go her hate.  She could not accept that he could be allowed into the Light at all.  I explained to her that anyone who accepts the Lord and His forgiveness and can shed their burdens and forgive too then they are welcomed into the Father’s Kingdom. This is the whole point of the prodigal son story, one of the main reasons Jesus came to us and died for us.  Eventually we had to send her away for the darkness she carried and Dominic(k) followed her to help her.  After more work with Marcus and his grandparents coming to the doorway, lso the Archangel Zadkiel embracing him, he was able to go with the angel into the Light.  He wanted to be able to help others who where involved in domestic violence.  I told him ask and it very well may be granted.

This is a great example of how someone who was a victim is refused entrance to the Light while the victimizer the sinner is welcomed, for she took ownership of it all by not forgiving.  Please do not do the same brothers and sisters.  You must let go all burdens or no matter how good you think you are, it will not happen.

Detailed version:

About 9 pm or so.  Angelicamarie announced they are here.  I heard name Allen and Marcus, was not sure of one name of two.  Tina heard Gary.  I called them forth, but only one came forth Marcus….39   killed myself with a gun because of what I did.  Sorry for what I did times 3….committed domestic violence and then killed her, Karen.   Tina seeing her as pregnant.  He is remorseful, wants to make amends with her.  He is still following her even now.  She won’t accept his remorse and wants him away.

She is showing now she was about 6-7 months pregnant when he (Marcus) got out of control over if the baby was his or not.  He pushed her in the kitchen and she falls backwards and hits her head.   He didn’t want her (them ) dead and so in grief he killed himself.

Tim:  talking about they have to forgive each other and forgive yourself.

Karen:  I do not care about his remorse, he still was bad to her for many years and then he killed her and her baby.  It wasn’t his business who the father of the baby was, they were over.  She was done with the way he treated her.  (She has much bitterness, anger, upset over what he did and is sick of hearing him say he is sorry, she doesn’t care).

Tim:  Telling them they are separate and can make a choice without the other one, they need to forgive as they have been forgiven.

Karen:  She’s very mad, he shouldn’t even have this right to go to Light.  Not fair, not right, if she could hurt or kill him right now she would..  She is showing me, Tina, her holding big knife and she would stab him right now.  (strong resentment and anger towards him.  He shouldn’t have right to be forgiven).

Tim:  Telling Marcus that he needs to forgive and take Jesus into his heart, to go without her.  He won’t do that, she needs to understand and believe he is remorseful.  (Tina is seeing he had strong connection with her, like obsession, control issues concerning her.

Angelicamarie returns with her baby, a son, Dominic.

We ask him to talk to his mom, show her love agains and to take away her pain, her rage, her hatred, bitterness she is holding on to.  We start rebuking negative spirits and any evil around them.  We tell them GOD has love waiting.  She gets mad, she says she won’t let him go.  She starts cursing him and doing things of black magic-like.  She says she will stop him from going.  We come against her and her choices of entertaining evil.  We rebuke her and send her away in Jesus’ name.  She goes and her son follows.  Marcus is upset now that he did this to her.  Tina tells him to say, “I ask for her forgiveness through the blood of Jesus.  That the Lord look into my heart and see that I am sorry for causing such grief to her family, baby’s forgiveness, for all the people that were effected.

Tim:  Telling him his choice to make.  Choose to receive Jesus and ask for His forgiveness, which was already given.  GOD can do this and does do this amazing gift.  But you have to believe it and forgive self and others.  We again say Psalms 23.

Tina:  Tells him we will hold hands with him and help him.  Tina sees now 2 people walking up through tunnel, his past family and we call upon the Archangel Zadkiel to come and help us with him.  To cleanse his emotions, to take out all that is negative and replace it with good.  He is still scared. Tim says the Our Father and blesses him in the peace and love of Jesus Christ.  We tell him to go, his family, grandparents coming through for him.  They take his hands and the angel takes them all into the light.

See my sisters and brothers, without forgiveness, which is given freely and unconditionally with His love, we can not enter no matter what we did or had done to us.  It is a choice, free will.  Choose wisely now before you leave this life.  Time is rapidly running out!


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Souls to the Light #’s 166-181

st kids

This group had been around for a few days but unwilling to communicate with us: due to being scared and feeling UN-worthy.

We put on all our protection as there was a group , I could sense the darkness that had their hold on them and they did not want to give up this group over to the Angels to take into the Light.

Then as they started to sign in we understood why the darkness was holding on to them.   90% of them were kids from running away and living on the streets.  Even a  small group of African kids that had been forced to live on the streets in their country.

Lana Johnston  13,  Atlanta Georgia , she gave me the impression that she ended up there and that’s where she was killed.  She starts telling me names.

Rudee Gonzales 17, He had died from gang fighting.

Peter H. 15, Mugged and stabbed and died from wounds because he couldn’t go to hospital or anywhere to get help.

Julie Lee Rydes 17,  she showed me the whole scene of what happened to her : It was sad and heartbreaking . Very Hard for me to take, very sorry for her.  She had been raped by men in a dark alley and stabbed and left there by dumpster to die.

Tommy T.  16  He showed me, Suicide from Heroin overdose while living on streets . He didn’t want to live like that anymore.

He goes on to tell me that they all have a message to send….

Please tell our parents and family; we are sorry  we took off and never called, we were too scared to try and felt much shame from lifestyle that is living on the streets .  It is so hard there just to survive day to day.  Things you have to do to get food and shelter and to not get attacked by others and some have to do sexual acts and this  bring us down and make us feel  dirty, broken, and ruined.

We did not think this is how it would be out there when we ran away . Some wish they had never left and wanted to come home.  But the shame and guilt was holding them back  they felt their family wouldn’t look at them the same and that if they came home it would cause shame to the whole family

We stick together now up here and protect each other from the dark ones that call to us and are always around us .

We were told that you could help us …we want to find the Angels and the Light and be healed and not be ashamed or condemned .

Ryan A. 16  died drug overdose by someone else on streets.

Bobby B. 15  he shows me he was killed on streets by other homeless man over a place to stay .

Then my spirit guide Mama Rita comes in and says she has a group of children from Africa that were abandoned and forced to live on the streets. She says these children need your help too.   She shows me that they died from diseases on the streets and the conditions they were forced to endure with lack of food and water and care.

She signs them in  like this :

9 yr old boy,   10 yr old boy,   9 yr old girl,    8 yr old girl,  6 yr old boy

I then call to spirit guide Jacari to come to help since he was an African Warrior.  I ask him to surround them and protect them from evil that is near and wants to keep them.  I ask him to break the chains that bind them in Jesus Name.

Tim and I then start binding and rebuking this darkness around all these runaways and lost children . We get our bibles and use them as they are power…We call to the Angels to come forward and to help these children and to help them get to the Light. We ask them to help free them from these chains that bind them to their earthly lives and to set them free from all emotional pains.  meanwhile when the Angels are coming in and surrounding these children and claiming them for God as they are God’s children and not Satan’s …

We are both saying prayers to break all ties and chains to the earthly lives we are binding and rebuking all the darkness and commanding it to leave these children of God.  I take my bible again as it is the Sword of the Spirit and I use it like a Sword and go down the list to each ones name and I use it to cut all soul ties to any negative and evil that has happened to them I free them in Jesus Name. I come against and loose these children from the hold that evil has on them though sexual acts and I cast them away and out and down to the pit where they belong in Jesus name….

as we do this  I can see the ties and chains are breaking and the Angels are taking the children one by one into the Light.

But Bobby doesnt go  he still has much anger over what happened and we have to work with him more to release it so he can follow the others

then a Harris 59 from Europe comes in to help and says he was killed in a mugging in the subways and that he has been watching over these children and he will take Bobby’s hand , which I can clearly see him doing . We call to the Angels to come forth and to help us , Gabriel answers and comes out and puts his wings around them to shield them as we go through breaking all that binds this child of God.  He then takes them into the Light.

Tim calls to others in the realm that want to come forward and go to Jesus and into the Light like they just seen happen.  3 more come in.

AnnMarie 12   ,                            Joey C 11,                        Carol P  14

We repeat all that we did with the other children and free these 3 also  we call upon the Angel Ariel to come help and bring these children of God into the Light.   I ask the children to hold hands and repeat together that they want to have Jesus come into their hearts  as they do this the Angel is wrapping her wings about them  and at once they all go into the bright light.

we start praising our Lord and Savior for all he has just done and rejoice that these children are now safe and into the Light and Love and Peace of the Lord and not feeling anymore sadness but that it has all been replaced and they have been Restored and Redeemed !




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1 John


I am writing these things to you about those who are trying to lead you astray.  As for you, the anointing you received from him remains in you, and you do not need anyone to teach you.  But as His anointing teaches you, about all things and as that anointing is real, not counterfeit—just as it has taught you, remain in Him…..1 John 2:26-27

Here we are being told that once anointed by Him, as when you receive His grace and accept Him into your heart then you begin to learn from Him the one True Teacher.  From that point on you need not learn from anyone else but Him.  The best source of GOD is GOD.


Now here is a perfect example next of where mankind has controlled what was said or put forth misinterpretation and thus laid guilt on many or pushed them away……

Everyone who sins breaks the law; in fact, sin is lawlessness.  But you know that He appeared so that He might take away our sins.  And in Him is no sin.  No one who lives in Him keeps on sinning.  No one who continues to sin has either seen Him or knows Him….1 John 3:4-6

Now this one is multiple messages in the paragraph.  Let me start with the first sentence then proceed to each one.

Everyone who sins breaks the law; in fact, sin is lawlessness………….True statement on the surface for the law put a face to sin, before the law, via Moses, there was technically no sin.  Its like saying how can one break the law if there was no law given forth.

But you know that He appeared so that He might take away our sins…………..Again a true statement.   He came to take away our sins and fulfill a promise made by GOD centuries before where He said “I will make a new covenant (contract) with my people and I will remember their sins no more”   We were cleansed of all sin before that time and forever.

And in Him is no sin……very true statement for He is GOD and GOD is perfect therefore has no sin.

NO one who lives in Him keeps on sinning…..also a true statement for when we live in Him we have become one with Him in spirit and therefore on with the Father who has no sin after we leave this world and return to the Light.


No one who continues to sin has either seen Him or known Him…… is the false statement the one the human church has used to lay thousands of years of guilt upon man and to thusly certify the church’s relationship with darkness.   Now I am not speaking specific churches but in generality of the earthbound church.  Keep in mind GOD is Spirit.  We are human and being human is sin therefore, thusly, forsooth, thereby nullifies this sentence for we have known Him and continue to know Him and some have seen Him.  Darkness is in the world still and with us so as long as we are in the world, a part of the world, then we have sin.  Now does that mean screw it lets go sin non-stop and forget about it?  Of course not, it means that as per what GOD said before that He will remember our sins no more.  He forgives all sin and calls us to repentance, meaning to do our best each day to do what is right in His eyes.  But to carry shame, guilt, failure, dejection, disappointment, etc and thereby be dragged down, held back from proceeding forward to the Light in our journey with Christ is what the devil wants us to do.  Put it this way….if you are a father or mother and you are holding the hand of your child and walking along a path, your child stumbles and falls.  Now do you leave em be and walk away or do you hold on and help them up dust them off and help them continue along the way?

Shed the guilt and shame brothers and sisters and if anyone condemns you for sinning then stay away from them.  They are darkness.  Forgive yourself and continue to try and do better always.




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Come my Children Hear my Words

My children time is growing near  You must come near to me

Hear the sound of my voice , Come draw near to me

Sit  quietly my presence and Soak in all that I am

Breathe in my Spirit,  feel my love and peace     Let it refresh you

Feast on my words that will restore you and make you whole

Cover yourself with my blood , wash your sins of the past

Receive my Mercy and Grace to replace all that negativity

I freely give this to you  You must choose to receive it

Be cleansed of anything that  keeps you from me

Let go of all that draws you away from me

Let go my children : the past is over , You cant return to it

Let go of all emotional pain, shame and or UN-worthiness

Release it to me in your prayers of tears,

Know none are wasted, all is counted, all is seen by me

Call to me in times of need

Receive my Holy Spirit to guide you , to heal you , to make

your heart and spirit whole again

Learn to pray with thanksgiving even in your times of  most pain.

There is power there: There is power in the name of Jesus.

Repeat his name if this is all you can do at your time of need

For Our God is Mighty and Jesus is Lord of Lords

He will hear your call to restore you,  to help you

So that you may Shine a new person in Christ Jesus

Use my name and Blood of the Lamb to wash off anything that keeps you from me

For it is not me that walks away , it is you that turns away

I will forever be waiting here for you to turn back to me

Just receive me back to you

Use my words to break every chain that this world puts on you

Break these ties that bind you !

Break any curses and black magic placed upon you and your family

Do this with the Blood of the Lamb and in Jesus Name

Know you can be Redeemed !!!

But only through Jesus Christ our Savior

Now go and spread this  “Good News” and share how I have touched you

Heed these words my children and go in peace and love

Through-out  all of the world.




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